Newcastle for Michael 4

A pair of conforming jeans, vest and cap with hair for Michael 4, the shoes can be downloaded here
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 222e3477

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Police Constable for Michael 4

Constable Mike is a highly detailed set for Michael 4, the zip contains a standard helmet and a Isle of Man helmet, a pair of pants with boots and a jacket, the jacket is highly detailed and carefully modeled for historical correctness, it has numerous morphs to control the hem to make it easy to pose and also has morphs to hide the whistle chain and belt so it can be used as other uniform jackets.

Newquay for Michael 4

Newquay for Michael contains a pair of pants, a shirt and a pair of flip flops. The shirt has morphs to relax the collar, expand the hem and to morphs to fix Mikes rounded shoulders problem, the flip flops have a "hang down" morph for a more natural look.

Black Jeans and Belt for Michael 4

The black jeans with belt texture fits the Michael 4 Casual Set 1 and is a real fabric photo texture with MATS and BUMP map.

Boiler Suit for Michael 4

Michael 4 gets a boiler suit and a pair of boots, the suit has morphs for body builder, bulk, beer belly, blouse over boots (For the military look), no shirt and two morphs to fix Mike's rounded shoulders. The boots have matching morphs where needed.