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HMCS Snowberry (Figure for Poser)

A WWII Royal Canadian Navy Corvette Warship 3d model prop (for Poser).

HMS Hood (Figure for Poser)

A WWII Battleship in the Bristish Royal Navy 3d model prop for Poser.

Ju-287-G/1 Staghund (Figure for Poser)

The Ju-287-G/1 Staghund figure for Poser is a alternate history fictious WWII Aircraft from the Luftwaff's "skunkworks" secret weapons lab is detail modeled and perfect for close up renders and animation with its conforming munitions and prop blur effects.

U.S.S Arizona (Figure for Poser)

The U.S.S Arizona (for Poser) is faithful replication of the memorable WWII US Navy Battleship sunk in Pearl Harbor HI on December 7 1941 modeled in 3d as a prop for Poser.

U.S.S Trigger (for Poser)

U.S.S Trigger is a faithfully replicated deisel powered WWII era US Navy submarine 3d model prop for Poser.

U.S.S Vestal (for Poser)

A detailed replication of the reliable USS Vestal, a 3d modeled WWII Coaler refueling ship for the US Navy for Poser.