Morning coat for Michael 3

This set contain a Morning coat with built in shirt and pants with built in boots for Michael 3. Both items have morphs to fit "Stocky" and "Muscle 2" and the coat has movement morphs and styling morphs as well as 2 body handles.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: ee34f66a

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Victorian for Victoria 4

Victorian is a set of clothes for Victoria 4, the zip contains a conforming hat and suit, the suit is packed full of morphs to help pose the skirt and it also comes with a skirt handle. Also included is a prop version of the hat for use with modeled hair. Please check the readme for detailed tips and instructions

Comic Spaceman Outfit for Michael 4 - Clothing for Poser / Daz 3D ( M4 )

Comic Spaceman for Michael 4 (M4) with boots, gloves and suit for Michael 4 a classic comic book style. Morph adjustment for Antenna length (or no antennas). M4 Standard and general adjustment morphs included.

Knit Turin Outfit for Michael 3

The sophisticated knit Turin outfit for Michael 3 contains a multi-color knit top, brown knit scarf, an off-white knit cardy style jacket, dark gray pants and a pair of dark brown faux leather boots. All textures are real photo textures and includes MATS.

Verona for Michael 3

A set of Pants, Deck shoes and Jumper with built in tee shirt for Mike 3. This set has body morphs for muscle 1 and 2 as well as stocky, Also on the shirt are morphs to hide the shirt tail and hide the complete shirt, on the pants are a loose fit morph and shorter leg morphs for when he is sitting or lifting a leg.