Michael 4 & Hiro 4 Smart Set 1 Plaids

The Smart Set 1 Plaids for Michael 4 and Hiro 4 contain two pair of plaid trousers, two matching polo knit shirts, and real leather (texture) shoes (red/brown and a dark fig). Includes MATS.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: d48b94a3

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This Labcoat for Michael 4 is packed full of styling and movement morphs, it can be opened partially or fully and has morphs to fix mikes round shoulders. The coat fits over his Smart pants from here and the Smart dress shirt from here

Casual set 1 for Michael 4

Our first set for Michael for is called casual set 1 and contains, Pants with boots, a shirt and a hat. The shirt has tuck in morphs and a baggy hem morph.

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