Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 7410f872

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Military Duffel Bag with Shoulder Bend Morph

The Poser / DAZ Studio military duffel bag prop has a shoulder bend morph. Also included are texture templates so you can make your own textures for the bag.

20 Piece Mechanics Socket Set Tool Props

The 20 piece mechanics socket set Poser / DAZ Studio tool props are all individual items in one set, the sockets all fit the socket wrench and include a scalable bolt to be used wit the set. Perfect for any mechanic or do it yourself project scene.

Accordion Musical Instrument Prop

The accordion Poser / DAZ Studio musical instrument prop is a replica of an actual accordion. The bellows has a morph to stretch and bend the bellows as a real accordion would do.

Patriotic Flag Draped Coffin Model

The 3D Poser and DAZ Studio Patriotic flag draped coffin model has well detailed textures and is ready to go into any 3D scene, render or animation. This is a Poser World member requested model.