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UNS Royal Oak Space Battleship for Poser

UNS Royal Oak Space Battleship for Poser is a highly detailed fictional spacecraft figure for the Poser 3D art and animation rendering software inspired by the real HMS Royal Oak, a Revenge-class battleship that served in the British Royal Navy during World War I that was tragically sunk in Scapa Flow by a German U-boat in October 1939. Knowing that the Solinoid fleet would eventually arrive, the UN Military began design studies to incorporate reverse engineered Solinoid technology into various vehicles and vessels. At first, the reverse engineered parts were too large to be fitted into smaller vehicles like aircraft, and required too much power to operate. It was necessary to fit the tech to larger vessels. Experiments were conducted on various decommissioned Naval vessels to find the best way to design and incorporate the new technologies. Once various systems and power management issues had been worked out, the UN quickly implemented a build program to construct Naval warships capable of both atmosphere and space operations. The first such vessels were based upon rebuilt Nuclear Aircraft Carrier hulls, as these ships could provide enough power to meet the energy needs of the Solinoid technology. Newly built based on earlier trials with converted Aircraft Carrier hulls, the Royal Oak Class Battleship is an entirely new design. Rushed into construction this class has only recently come into active service, as the British contribution to the UN, as preparations continue for the arrival of the Solinoid Fleet. Serving along side the new Coral Sea Class Fleet Carriers, the Royal Oak and her sisters are the heavy striking arm on the fleet and can usually be found at the heart of any deployment with Carriers and other ships at their side! Here are some of the highlights: • Over 100 Points of Articulation on the main figure! • over 70 individually pose-able Weapons Turrets that can be trained and elevated independently. • Working Rudders, Main and Secondary Turrets, Phalanx Turrets, Gantry Cranes, and numerous other functional details! • Highly detailed Hull and Bridge with detailed Bridge Deck areas. • Pose presets to adjust the scale to Life-sized and back to the Default 1/10th scale to allow users to scale the Battleships to match the life-sized scale of my transforming Variable Geometry Fighters. • Includes custom cr2`s to load the UNS Royal Oak, and and all 7 of her sister ships in the class... this gives you 8 ships in total for use in your space scenes! Combine these ships with our UNS Coral Sea and our series of transforming and Sci-fi aircraft for larger fleet formations!

YF-35 Warthog VGF - mecha transforming robot figure for Poser

YF-35 Warthog VGF is a science fiction airforce transforming aircraft giant robot mecha 3d figure for Poser. Includes over 75 posable joints and over 250 independant ERC controls to facilitate animation and pose adjustments! Details below:

Dire Wolf MLMBT - SciFifi amphib tank figure for Poser

The Dire Wolf MLBT is a marine amphibious hover battle tank by The Shell with a dizzying array of weapons (such as a 200mm "Long Reach" Artillery Gun, 100mm Smooth-Bore Cannon, Co-Axial 20mm "Vulcan" Gatling Cannon and 250 Kw "Eagle-Eye" Laser, plus a Mini-Phalanx Anti-Missile System, Dart Multi-Purpose Rockets, and Fire-and-Forget Anti-Tank Missiles), the "Dire-Wolf" MLMBT (Mag-Lev Main Battle Tank) is the ultimate in Modern Armored Vehicles and the King of Mechanized Warfare. She carries 8 fully equipped Infantry Troopers in specialized compartments along the hull for rapid deployment in Urban Combat or against Infantry on the Battlefield, and can travel at speeds up to 250 KMPh at an altitude of 500 Feet. Fully sealed against chemical, biological and nuclear contaminants, and also for the vacuum of space (for Orbital Landing Drops using a special lower-hull heat shield), the Dire Wolf can deliver its lethal payload any where at any time! Poser ERC dials to control vehicle movement, weapons and access hatches all from one easy to use location.

AVF-35-J Wildhog AVGF Mecha - transforming robot figure for Poser

The current pinnacle of Variable Geometry Fighter Development, the AVF-35 Wildhog is a next generation Variable Mecha. Developed by Earth Avionics from their highly successful VGF-14 Wildcat, the AVF-35 resulted from the YF-35 Warthog prototype test series of Mecha, and a series of now abandoned Space Combat Upgrade systems for the older VGF-14.

AVF-35-J Wildhog Weapons Set - add-on for Poser Mecha transforming robot figure

AVF-35-J Wildhog Weapons, an Add-On Set for AVF-35-J Wildhog for Poser 3d software by The Schell