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AVF-35-J Reactive Armour - add-on for Poser Mecha transforming robot figure

The AVF-35-J Reactive Armour System add-on is used to better protect their transforming fighters in heavy combat featuring over 70 missiles that can be fired individually, in small groups, or all at once from easy to use ERC dials!

AVF-35-J Wildhog AVGF Mecha - transforming robot figure for Poser

The current pinnacle of Variable Geometry Fighter Development, the AVF-35 Wildhog is a next generation Variable Mecha. Developed by Earth Avionics from their highly successful VGF-14 Wildcat, the AVF-35 resulted from the YF-35 Warthog prototype test series of Mecha, and a series of now abandoned Space Combat Upgrade systems for the older VGF-14.

AVF-35-J Wildhog ETO Booster add-on for Poser Mecha transforming robot figure

Introducing the Orbital Booster add-on for Poser 3d software the AVF-35-J Wildhog by The Schell.

AVF-35-J Wildhog LEO Armor Set - add-on for Poser Mecha transforming robot figure

AVF-35-J Wildhog LEO Armor, an expansion pack add-on for the the for the AVF-35-J Wildhog AVGF for Poser 3d software.

AVF-35-J Wildhog Weapons Set - add-on for Poser Mecha transforming robot figure

AVF-35-J Wildhog Weapons, an Add-On Set for AVF-35-J Wildhog for Poser 3d software by The Schell

Dire Wolf MLMBT - SciFifi amphib tank figure for Poser

The Dire Wolf MLBT is a marine amphibious hover battle tank by The Shell with a dizzying array of weapons (such as a 200mm "Long Reach" Artillery Gun, 100mm Smooth-Bore Cannon, Co-Axial 20mm "Vulcan" Gatling Cannon and 250 Kw "Eagle-Eye" Laser, plus a Mini-Phalanx Anti-Missile System, Dart Multi-Purpose Rockets, and Fire-and-Forget Anti-Tank Missiles), the "Dire-Wolf" MLMBT (Mag-Lev Main Battle Tank) is the ultimate in Modern Armored Vehicles and the King of Mechanized Warfare. She carries 8 fully equipped Infantry Troopers in specialized compartments along the hull for rapid deployment in Urban Combat or against Infantry on the Battlefield, and can travel at speeds up to 250 KMPh at an altitude of 500 Feet. Fully sealed against chemical, biological and nuclear contaminants, and also for the vacuum of space (for Orbital Landing Drops using a special lower-hull heat shield), the Dire Wolf can deliver its lethal payload any where at any time! Poser ERC dials to control vehicle movement, weapons and access hatches all from one easy to use location.