Material Textures

General-purpose royalty-free high-resolution Textures for 3D Software Materials and 3D model painting and texturing.

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Digital Seamless Rock Texture Pack

The digital seamless rock texture pack contains: 2 tone rock, cool lava, dark stratified, dark mountain, cold mountain, bright eroded, gray/brown eroded, medium gray rough, ancient mountain and brown eroded. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Seamless Digital Fine Knit Fabric Texture Pack 1

The digital seamless fine knit texture pack contains: another gray, beige, bright blue, burgundy, gray blue, gray green, green, light blue, medium gray, off green, olive, orange, purple and white fabric textures. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Seamless Digital Denim Fabric Texture Pack 1

The digital seamless denim fabric texture pack contains 8 textures: medium blue, dark blue worn, very dark blue, light/stained blue, gray denim, mottled denim and mottled denim 2. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Digital Seamless Gold Metal Textures

8 digital seamless gold metal textures: Milled circle, patterned, beaten, milled (plain), brushed, beaten ancient, beaten rose gold and milled 2. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Seamless Red Brick Pavers - 872x1701

Seamless red brick pavers photo texture, 872x1701 pixels, 180dpi, 24bit color depth. 1.1mb JPG image.

Seamless Digital Ground Pack

10 seamless digital textures (150dpi). Cracked mud, dark bare soil, dirt & roots, dry loose soil, "killer" green grass", powered snow covered ground, random ground, snow, sun baked mud and worn rock. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.