Material Textures

General-purpose royalty-free high-resolution Textures for 3D Software Materials and 3D model painting and texturing.

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Seamless Digital Pastel Plaid Texture Pack 1

The digital seamless pastel plaid fabric 14 texture pack contains: beige pink, beige purple green, beige purple, double purple, gray white, green beige purple, green pink, green purple, green yellow, pink green, purple green 2, purple green, yellow green and yellow purple green textures. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Digital Seamless Short Wool Fabric Textures

The seamless digital short wool fabric textures contains 8 textures: beige, light blue, light blue blend, royal green, rust, brown, burgundy and navy. Suitable for men's suits. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Digital Seamless Easter Themed Style Print Fabric Texture Pack

The seamless digital Easter themed print fabric texture pack contains 13 pastel print fabric textures. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Seamless Digital Concrete Texture Pack - 8 Textures

8 seamless digital concrete textures: abused, ancient worn, badly formed, corroded, cracked, fresh, old and old #2 concrete. 150dpi, 512x512 pixels.

Charleston South Carolina Historic Home 6 -6210


Seamless Digital Silver Metal Texture Pack 1

The digital seamless silver metal pack contains 12 textures: brushed, cracked, grid, hammered pattern, melted rough, mesh, large metal panel, metal panel, raw, textured, unrefined and large pattern silver metal textures. 150dpi, 512x512.