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X-Seed 4000 Tallest Skyscraper building prop

X-Seed 4000 Tallest Skyscraper building prop (for Poser) is modeled with 2MB tiled textures perfect for close up or distant images. Its the ultimate symbol of human ingenuity and ambition, a testament to our ability to dream big and build even bigger. It's the kind of structure that would make even the most jaded architect shed a tear of awe and wonder. Behold the "X-Seed 4000" skyscraper. This majestic mega-skyscraper that makes the Burj Khalifa look like a mere Lego tower! Picture this: a towering behemoth of steel and glass, standing at a whopping 4 kilometers tall, with a base as wide as a small city. It's like someone took Mount Fuji, gave it a futuristic makeover, and plopped it right in the middle of Tokyo Bay.