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Angkor Temple object for Vue

Seperate Archway (69k poly) and Spire (55k poly) .vob's so that you can quickly position and assemble the your Angkor Temple scene. Each model is made of evenly distributed, subividable triangulated UV Texture mapped mesh to facilitate vertex shaping and pipeline export. 3 Vue Materials used to create teh texture maps are also included, Ancient Temple Rock Walls.mat (chert), Ancient Rock Overgrowth.mat, Ancient Rock Lichen.mat The Angkor Temple Spire object is UV mapped and layered into 8 texture zones, while the Angkor Temple Archway object includes texture zones for roof ends, roof, column caps, columns, and column base. Created in the Angkor architecture style with the mesmerizing blend of Hindu and Buddhist influences this temple embraces the towering spres adorned with elaborate (eroded) bas-reliefs. This temple is characterized by their use of sandstone, which gives them a warm, golden glow that seems to change color with the light. The structures are symmetrical and balanced, with a central tower or shrine surrounded by smaller towers, galleries, and courtyards. We capture the stonework erosion and overgrowth with displacement to gve your render scenes plenty to marvel at. 92mb Download
$6.00 $3.00

Catacombs Set object for Vue

Catacombs Set for Vue (.vob) offers a unique and intriguing to render into the past, where history intertwines with mystery. It's a chance to capture the vision of hidden depths of cities and render the stories of those long gone. Plus, there's something undeniably fascinating about rendering figures of the living among the final resting places of millions. This set gives the oppertunity to rendert a scene that presents a sobering reminder of our own mortality, wrapped up in a historical and sometimes spooky adventure. Just remember to bring a flashlight and a sense of humor – you never know what you might encounter down there! This is a full set that includes tons of separate parts, which can be hidden or shown for more customization. Don`t want the torches on the wall? How about the spider webs or skulls or hangman nooses? Or maybe you don`t need the columns in the middle of the room. They`re separate parts, so go ahead and hide them. A set of stairs leads down to the bottomless void... Includes hidable ceiling and roofs for easy scene setup. Loads as the full scene, however individual objects can be seperated or repositioned in Vue. These include: Ground Barrel (16), Base (7), Basin, Bed, Big Base, Boots, Candle (5), Casket,, Casket Cover, Ceiling, ChainHammer, Chair (3), Chandelier (3), Chest-Metal Closed, Chest-Metal Open, Chest-Wood Closed, Chest-Wood Open, Coffin Broken, Column (14), Column-Old (2), Dishes, Door (4), FrontWall, Gallows (3), Gate (7), Gauntlets, Hammer, IronHammer, Knife, KnifeOld, LeftWall, MetalChain (2), Metal-Door Left, Metal-Door Right, Net(17), OldAxe. Pillar (7), PortCullis, Prison, RearWall, RightWall, Roof (5), Scythe, Skeleton (3), Skull (3). Small-Metal Chain (4), Stairs, Statue (2), Table, Table Old, Table Wood, Torch Metal (9), Torch Wooden (2), Walls, Window (3). Catacomb Scene for Vue, 179,515 polygons, modeled by Yassine and converted for Vue by Dream Cutter for Vanishing Point. All textured based materials with maps at 1024x1024 pixels. To reveal interion hide Ceiling, roof and/or four outer walls.
$8.00 $4.00