House Clothes - Pajamas for Victoria 4

The house clothes/pajamas for Victoria 4 is based on the V4 Trondheim outfit. With MATS.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 279b0a5e

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Summer Sports for Victoria 4 contains a pair of shorts and a vest top.

Hiking set for DAZ Victoria 4

DAZ Victoria 4 gets a set of hiking clothes, the zip contains a pair of boots, short and long leggings, a fleece, a vest and a cap. The fleece and vest have various opening morphs. The set also works well with the trainers

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A Catsuit with open morphs

Clothing pack 1 for Victoria 4

The set contains, Long vest (can be untucked), Crop vest, Polo neck jumper(can be untucked), Jacket, Pants(can be tucked into high boots), Boots long, Boots short, Basket ball boots, Handbag and Skirt (Dynamic), everything can be used with everything to make it as versatile as possible. All materials are Greyscale so the possible colors are infinite.