Hoody for Laura and Luke

Laura and Luke get a hoody, the top fits Laura by default but has a morph to fit Luke as well as other styling morphs.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: ce46b9f7

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School Wizard for Luke and Laura - schoolandwizardYT

The set contains a school uniform and shoes with socks for Laura, Pants with shoes and a pullover shirt set for Luke. The robe fits both figures and has numerous morphs to make the hood up or down as well as fit various hair models, it also has movement morphs for sitting, broom riding and a widen morph shown in the center image. The set also contains 4 prepositioned brooms and a set of glasses as well as 4 MAT poses for each garment to change house colors. This set has

also been made for the PT (Millennium) Kids and can be downloaded from the link below.