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Rope Ladder with pose animation for Poser

Rope Ladder with pose animation for Poser 3D Software and DAZ 3D Studio runtime, perfect for animating stunts on aircraft and posing from stage rigging. A fully rigged rope ladder perfect for posing as a draped or hanging static prop in renders or animating for action videos and games. Included in this product are 3 texture sets from modern steel and cable grade, vintage aircraft wood and cable, and nautical type jute rope and plank. Also included are animation pose files that can be applied to create many swing, gap jump, and swing cycle movements. .: Product Features :. • Poser figure file (obj, cr2/ png), at 147,578 polygons. .: Animated Poses :. • 45 Start Swing 120F • 45 Start swing to rest 240F • 90-90 Tarzan Swing 2400F • 180 Swing Cycle 240F • 180 Swing Cycle Rest 240F • Poser 4 Child Swinging 60F • Rope and Jute Ladder Default • Rope Ladder 360 Full • Rope Ladder 360 Return • Rope Ladder All 120F • Rope Ladder Breeze Swing 20f • Rope Ladder Dragging • Rope Ladder Light Swing • Rope Ladder Start Drag • Rope Ladder Swing Cycle 60F • Rope Ladder Swing • Rope Lader 360 Swing • Rope Swing with P4 Child .: Materials :. • Cable and Wood • Jute and Wood • RopeLadder Default This product is fully licensed for 2D and 3D Publishing.
$6.50 $3.25