Gray Casablanca Dresses for Victoria 4

The gray Casablanca dress for Victoria 4 includes a solid gray dresses and a gray top with a geometric pattern skirt. Real fabric photo textures and includes MATS.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 1e934eef

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Casablanca for Victoria 4

Casablanca is a conforming dress for Victoria 4 that can also be taken into the cloth room as a hybrid garment, it has morphs to control the skirt portion as well as morphs such as undo, no scarf and breast size -1.

Red Corduroy City Girl Outfit for Victoria 4

The Red Corduroy City Girl Outfit for Victoria 4, contains a gold knit blouse, jacket, pants, skirt and shoes. All textures are real fabrics, buttons and leather. Includes BUMP maps for the blouse, skirt, pants and shoes. Includes MATS.

Dynamic Mermaid dress for Victoria 4

Victoria 4 gets a dynamic mermaid style dress

Multi-Color Knit Winter Cardy for DAZ Victoria 4 - V4-MultiC-WinterCardy

The multi-color knit winter Cardigan texture for DAZ Victoria 4 is a real fabric photo texture with finished seams and edges. Includes BUMP map and MATS.