G2 Sports set

Pants, Shorts, Vest and Shoes for the G2 males
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: a13399ee

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Dynamic Sports Outfit for Poser G2 Sydney

The 3D dynamic sports clothing model for Poser G2 Sydney figure has shorts and a top. The pants have a constrained area ready set on them and the recommended collision offset is .2. This model took 3 hours to model and textures.

Dynamic sports dress for Victoria 3

A Dynamic sports dress for Victoria 3, very simple to use and works in Poser 5 or higher.

Sport set

Long top, short top, sports bra (not shown) and leggings with 3 materials set to adjust length

Multi-Striped Summer Sports Set Textures

The multi-striped summer sports textures contains a pink, blue and black striped tank top texture and a pair of black shorts. All are real fabric photo textures and top has finished edges and seams. Includes MATS.