Full Scale Washington Monument Scene - WashingtonMonumentScene

The 3D Washington monument 3D scene for Poser and DAZ Studio, is full scale and loads quickly. The BUMP maps are a separate download and will need to be put in the "Washington Monument" texture folder. This model took 25 hours to model and texture. This scene is a Poser World member requested item.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 5085fb78

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The 3D late night TV talk show scene for Poser and DAZ Studio is a version TV Show set. The two poseable TV cameras, host desk and chair and the two guest chairs are parented to the main TV set model and can be move as needed. Several of the textures are 4096 x 4096 so that when doing close up renders the textures do not blur. If you have problems loading the large textures you may resize them to 2048 x 2048. This model set took 7 hours to model and texture.