Erin outfit for Victoria 4

Two tee shirts, a pair of leggings and a skirt make up this set for Victoria 4, the skirt has morphs to help posing.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 1d5e85d0

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Gosforth for any G2 Female

Gosforth for any G2 Female such as Sydney is a Skirt, Top and Loose Belt set, The Skirt is conforming and has movement morphs but can also be used as a hybrid in the cloth room. The tutorial section as video or text based instructions on how to do this.

Gosforth Easter Dress Textures for G2 Females

This set includes matching top and skirt and includes two cloth belts to finish the ensemble. The Gosforth set and textures work with any G2 female. Includes MATS.

Elgin for Victoria 4

Elgin for Victoria 4 is a 4 piece clothing set, Boots, Leggings, Shirt and Jacket, all items have Full Body Morphs for Bulk, Fitness, Pearl and Voluptuous. Also included are lots of movement morphs on the Jacket and Shirt and style morphs to open, close or adjust the Jacket.

Floral Top and Denim Skirt for DAZ Victoria 4

The short floral top and denim skirt textures fits our DAZ Victoria 4 outfit and are real fabric photo textures with finished seams and edges. The skirt has a beaded design on both the front and back. Includes BUMP maps and MATS.