Dynamic PJ's for Victoria 4

Victoria 4 gets a dynamic pair of pajamas
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: a9086442

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Coat Dress for Victoria 4

Victoria 4 gets a classy coat dress, it has movement morphs and a skirt handle to help pose the dress. The dress is also packed full of styling morphs such as, Plunging neckline, Undon, Tight sleeves, One less button, Undo top and many more. The dress is fully conforming but can also be used as a hybrid in the cloth room, full details are in the readme file.

Caps for Victoria 4

2 Caps for Victoria 4, one with hair and one without.

Dawn for Victoria 4

Dawn for Victoria 4 contains a pair of smart pants, a vest and a pair of loafers.

Horse riding for Victoria 4 - V4

Victoria 4's riding outfit contains pants with boots, a fake shirt and a jacket with the following Body morphs, Open-1, Open-2 and Creased. It also has morphs to help with posing, Left Side, Right Side, Right Kick, Left Kick, Sit and Ride.