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Bodega Store Building Model

The 3D Bodega store building model for Poser and DAZ Studio is a facade model (no interior). The well detailed texture includes a BUMP map (BUMP not applied by default). The Bodega is perfect for any city street scene.

Modular Single Unit Apartment with Movements for Poser

The 3D modular apartment is a single unit model for Poser and DAZ Studio. They can be set side by side and across from each other to create a larger scene. All of the doors open and close (except the showers). The roof, ceiling, inner / outer perimeter walls can be hidden for better camera angles. The outside models and yard can also be hidden if needed. The interior and exterior can be used.

Pajamas for Genesis 2 and Victoria 6

Genesis 2 female and Victoria 6 get a pair of Pajamas. These took 20 hours to complete.

Olivia for Genesis 2 and Victoria 6

Genesis 2 and Victoria 6 get a classy dress, the dress has morphs to help posing.

Oslo for Genesis 2 or Victoria 6

Oslo is a pants and and shirt set for Genesis 2 and Victoria 6, it has morphs to remove the undershirt and open the shirt more.

X-Seed 4000 Tallest Skyscraper building prop

X-Seed 4000 Tallest Skyscraper building prop (for Poser) is modeled with 2MB tiled textures perfect for close up or distant images. Its the ultimate symbol of human ingenuity and ambition, a testament to our ability to dream big and build even bigger. It's the kind of structure that would make even the most jaded architect shed a tear of awe and wonder. Behold the "X-Seed 4000" skyscraper. This majestic mega-skyscraper that makes the Burj Khalifa look like a mere Lego tower! Picture this: a towering behemoth of steel and glass, standing at a whopping 4 kilometers tall, with a base as wide as a small city. It's like someone took Mount Fuji, gave it a futuristic makeover, and plopped it right in the middle of Tokyo Bay.