Dark Woven Striped Adelisa Dress for Victoria 4

The dark woven striped Adelisa dress texture for DAZ Victoria 4 is a real fabric photo texture and includes a BUMP map.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 1612a338

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50's Flight Attendant for Victoria 4

Victoria 4 gets a flight attendants uniform from the 50's era, the set contains 4 items, a hat with hair, a dress with pose morphs, a jacket with opening and close morphs (and more) and a set of badges (so you can use without them). The dress can be used as a hybrid.

Black Paisley Print Mia Dress for Victoria 4

The black paisley print Mia dress texture is a real paisley fabric photo texture, has seams and finished edges. Includes MATS.

Adelisa Dress for Victoria 4 -V4 Cross Necklace Accessory

Accessory Cross Necklace accessory for Victoria 4 Adelisa set's dynamic dress by adorning a touch of fantasy with and a conforming cross necklace.

Adelisa Dress for Victoria 4 - Adelisa Dress and Cross-V4

Adelisa Dress for Victoria 4 - V4 gets the Adelisa set, a dynamic dress with a touch of fantasy and a conforming cross, the dress is made to fit Victoria with her cleavage morph set to 1, but the dress has a standard fit morph as well.