Dancer for Victoria 4

This Dance set for Victoria 4 from DAZ includes, Coat, Shirt, Cumberbund, Panties, Shoes, Cane and Hat.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: c8f51d5d

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Vienna for Victoria 4 - V4

Vienna for Victoria 4 is an elegant ball gown, the dress has black and white textures with MAT files to change the texture

Clothing pack 1 for Victoria 4

The set contains, Long vest (can be untucked), Crop vest, Polo neck jumper(can be untucked), Jacket, Pants(can be tucked into high boots), Boots long, Boots short, Basket ball boots, Handbag and Skirt (Dynamic), everything can be used with everything to make it as versatile as possible. All materials are Greyscale so the possible colors are infinite.

City Girl for Victoria 4

City Girl for Victoria 4 contains, Pants, Shoes, Skirt, Jacket, Blouse, Glasses and Case (Not Shown). They are packed with Movement morphs and Body morphs so Victoria can be everything from sensible to sexy.

Elgin for Victoria 4

Elgin for Victoria 4 is a 4 piece clothing set, Boots, Leggings, Shirt and Jacket, all items have Full Body Morphs for Bulk, Fitness, Pearl and Voluptuous. Also included are lots of movement morphs on the Jacket and Shirt and style morphs to open, close or adjust the Jacket.