Dancer for Victoria 4

This Dance set for Victoria 4 from DAZ includes, Coat, Shirt, Cumberbund, Panties, Shoes, Cane and Hat.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: c8f51d5d
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Vienna for Mavka - Mavka

Mavka gets the Victoria 4 Vienna dress converted to fit her, if you already have the Victoria version you just need the dress files from the downloads below.

Vienna for Victoria 4 - V4

Vienna for Victoria 4 is an elegant ball gown, the dress has black and white textures with MAT files to change the texture

Labcoat for Michael 4

This Labcoat for Michael 4 is packed full of styling and movement morphs, it can be opened partially or fully and has morphs to fix mikes round shoulders. The coat fits over his Smart pants from here and the Smart dress shirt from here

Victorian for Victoria 4

Victorian is a set of clothes for Victoria 4, the zip contains a conforming hat and suit, the suit is packed full of morphs to help pose the skirt and it also comes with a skirt handle. Also included is a prop version of the hat for use with modeled hair. Please check the readme for detailed tips and instructions