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MX-991U Crook-Neck Camping Flashlight for Poser

MX-991U Crook-Neck Camping Flashlight for Poser is a highly detailed historical WWII era torch for Poser 3D art and animation rendering software. The MX-991/U Angle-Neck Flashlight evolved from the earlier US Paratrooper/Rangers issued TL-122 Flashlight issued during WW2. The MX-991 uses a single standard light-bulb and features an inner clear lens, and a replaceable outer lens in clear, red, white, or green plastic. It also has a 3-mode On/Off switch that can set the light fully on, or to a signal mode where the light can be activated by a thumb button for use as a signaling device. Since replacing the TL-122 light in the 1960`s during the Vietnam War, the MX-991/U has become standard issue in most NATO countries and remains in service today. This model comes in 2 versions, the first is fully rigged with a working On/Off switch and signaling button, and the second version is a simple prop version (no moving parts) that is set up to smart-parent to Panko`s Alice Web-Gear for M3 and V3. It also includes separate Inner and Outer Lens materials, and a bulb material for the light bulb inside, so that you can easily change lens filters or set the bulb as a light emitter if you so choose. Also included are poses to position the light to either the right or left hand, and to swap the colors of the outer lens material. The smart-parented versions (there are two) will automatically parent to the Right or Left Shoulders (respectively) of the Alice Webbing when you load the props with the Web-Gear selected in your scene.