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Poserworld Club Classics, Items that were found in the PoserWorld Download Club.

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15th Century Red Royalty for Multiple Figures

The 15th century red royalty outfit contains real period fabric photo textures for the tunic, with pants and boots. Fits: David, Luke and Laura and Michael 3. Includes MATS.

15th Century Textures

2 Extra textures sets for the 15th Century set, MAT files are included for easy application.

16 Foot Extension Ladder Model with Movements

The sixteen foot extension ladder 3D model for Poser and DAZ Studio has several movements. To move the ladder select the feet and move to desired location. To tilt the ladder, select the main ladder and use the marked "tilt ladder". To raise the ladder, select the 2nd ladder and use the marked "Raise Ladder". To tilt the ladder lock select the lock and use the marked "tilt lock".This model took 10 hours to model and texture.

1700's Era Sword Props

The 1700 sword Poser / DAZ Studio props contains two historic era swords. The work with any Poser or DAZ 3D figure.

1790 English Black Powder Blunderbuss Rifle

The 1790's English black powder Blunderbuss rifle prop has a morph to pull the trigger back and the flint arm down. Extra corroded metal texture included and all textures have BUMP maps.

18 Dazzling Seamless Camo Fabric Textures for Poser

18 Dazzling Seamless Digital Camouflage Textures for Poser, a unrestricted commercial use royalty free merchant resource for Poser content creation and material editing. 1024x1024 Seamless images with fabric texture depth is mapped to corresponding normal and bump images. This is a merchant resource and can be used for personal or commercial use. 35 MB Download.

1800 clothing - Apollo

1800 period clothing made for DAZ's original Appolo Maximus. Required textures will be added to cart at no charge.

1800 clothing - Luke

An 1800 style outfit for various figures, please download the texture set as well, it will fit all the figures.

1800 clothing - M3

An 1800 period style outfit made for DAZ's Michael 3. Required textures will be added to cart at no charge.