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Moringa Plant Model

A 3D Moringa plant model for Poser and DAZ Studio. Works well as scene fillers or in groups to product heavier 3D vegetation.

Mother in Law's Tongue Plant Model

The 3D mother in law's tongue plant model for Poser and DAZ Studio is perfect for any indoor or outdoor scene.

Multicolor Ficus Plant Model

The 3D multicolor ficus plant mode for Poser and DAZ Studio is ready to go in any scene or render. The leaves and stem have BUMP maps, however they are not applied by default.

Mushroom Plant Models

The 3D mushroom plant models contains 4 different mushrooms. The textures include BUMP maps (applied) and NORMAL maps (not applied). Perfect for any fantasy, nature or other scene. The mushroom models can be scaled as small or large as needed. This model set took 4 hours of modeling and texturing (more texture time to get rid of seams and such).

Orchid Plant Poser Model / Prop

The 3D orchid plant Poser and DAZ Studio model / prop is completely UV mapped and the textures include BUMP maps if you have need for them. The orchid is perfect for any 3D indoor scene.

Ornamental Cherry Tree Model

The 3D ornamental cherry tree model for Poser and DAZ Studio is medium poly (170k polys) and several can be used in a scene without draining resources. The model can be resized and rotated as needed. This model took 5 hours to model and texture.