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1700's Era Sword Props

The 1700 sword Poser / DAZ Studio props contains two historic era swords. The work with any Poser or DAZ 3D figure.

1790 English Black Powder Blunderbuss Rifle

The 1790's English black powder Blunderbuss rifle prop has a morph to pull the trigger back and the flint arm down. Extra corroded metal texture included and all textures have BUMP maps.

1800's Black Powder Field Cannon

The 1800's black powder field cannon Poser / DAZ Studio weapon prop has wheels that can be turned and is ready to go into any historic or war scene.

1800's Horse Drawn Gatling Gun Weapon Model - Poser / DAZ Studio Format

The 3D horse drawn Gatling gun weapon model for Poser and DAZ Studio has beautifully detailed textures and the gun has a rotate movement and the wheels also have turn movements.

1860 Colt Percussion Cap and Ball Pistol Model

The 3D Poser and DAZ Studio 1860 Colt percussion pistol has well detailed features and textures. Perfect for any old west, period or historical scene or render.

19th Century Cannon Model

The 19th century cannon 3D model for Poser and DAZ studio has wheel movements and includes two textures (worn and clean). Also included but not applied are Normal, BUMP and Displacement texture maps. This model took 15 hours to model and texture.