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A-7D/E Corsair II Navy jet aircraft for Poser

A-7D/E Corsair II Navy jet aircraft for Poser is a highly detailed historical aircraft figure for the Poser 3D art and animation rendering software. The LTV A-7D Corsair II, a carrier-capable subsonic light attack aircraft, was developed to replace the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk and derived from the Vought F-8 Crusader. This jet, serving both the US Air Force and Navy from the Vietnam War up to the Gulf War, was designed for close air support, interdiction, and armed reconnaissance missions. Key features include a single-seat configuration, a high wing, low horizontal tail, and a chin inlet, with the A-7D specifically incorporating a more powerful Allison TF41-A-2 turbofan engine. The aircraft also featured advanced avionics, including a heads-up display (HUD) and a computerized navigation and bombing system, enhancing its operational capabilities. Here are some of the highlights of this Poser figure: * Over 50 Points of Articulation on the main figure! * Moving Flaps, Ailerons, Spoilers, Rudder. Stabilator, Speed Brakes, Opening Landing Gear Doors, Raising and Lowering Gear, Spin-able Wheels, Steer-able Nose Gear, Opening Canopies, Deployable Slats, Folding Wings, Deployable Tail Hook, Deployable Emergency Drag Chute, Fully Functional Cockpit Flight Controls, and Working Ejection Seat... * Numerous ERC dials for ease of control from one main location, including dials for various basic flight maneuvers. The weapons sets also have ERC controls for ease of use in images and animation! * Nose Radome opens to reveal the AN/APQ Radar Set. * Conforming Dummy Aircrew figure to use to place a Flight Crew in the Cockpit. * Conforming Crew Boarding Ladders and FOD Storage Covers for the Engine and Air Intake. * 12 Separate Conforming Weapons sets designed to be Mixed and Matched to create multiple load-outs for the Weapons most commonly carried by the A7 Corsair, with fully controllable ordinance deployment. These Sets are broken down by mounting location so that each set can be properly mix and matched with the others, allowing a total combination of over 100 variations of weapons loads that can be loaded based on mission requirements! * Note: All of this product`s content was created by "theschell" (Christopher D. Schell) with additional help with ERC controls, Poser MAT Files & Additional Texturing by Mark A. Fares (KageRyu). My thanks to Mark for his extra hard work on this figure!
$13.00 $6.50