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Uzi Machine Gun Model

The 3D Uzi machine gun model for Poser and DAZ Studio is well detailed and has movements for the ejector door, top receiver slide, safety and trigger.

Modern Crossbow Model - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

The 3D modern crossbow model for Poser and DAZ Studio is very well detailed. The main pull string as a "shot" morph and all of the arrow "bolts" are movable. Everything is parented to the main weapon.

Three .45 Pistol Models - Dark, Silver and Gangsta with Silencers - Poser and DAz Studio Format

The three 3D .45 caliber pistol models includes a dark, a silver and a gold and silver "gangsta" pistol model. Each pistol also includes a silencer that is parented to each weapon and can be hidden or removed as needed. There is a morph to "shoot" each weapon, the morph moves the trigger, hammer, squeeze safety and main slide to the "shot" mode. Also include is an extra complete bullet / round and a shell casing.

Modular Weapon Scope - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

The 3D modular weapons scope for  Poser and DAZ Studio is parented the the bottom mount. The scope can be moved back and forth on the mount using the Z-trans setting. The scope is scalable to fit nearly any 3D weapon model of your choice. The colors can be easily changed as they are color assignments.

44 Magnum Dirty Harry Pistol with Movements - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

The 3D .44 Magnum "Dirty Harry" style pistol model has movements to pull the trigger, cock the hammer, open the ammo cylinder, spin the ammo cylinder and move each bullet in the ammo cylinder independently. There is also an extra bullet and shell casing included.

Sig Sauer P210 Pistol Weapon Model - Poser / DAZ Studio Format

The 3D Sig Sauer P210 pistol weapon model for Poser and DAZ Studio is ready to go into any scene.