Outdoor Utility Models FBX Format

A set of 3D residential utility models in FBX 3D model format. Includes an AC unit model, a gas meter model and an electricity meter model. Contains 15,411 polygons (total all models).

The 3D mechanical models are in FBX 7.1 3D model format (2011 binary, embedded textures). The FBX format 3D models import seamless into Unity 3D, Lightwave, 3ds max, Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, Shade, Modo, iClone, and other 3D modeling software that supports FBX 7.1 file format imports. Most 3D software created since 2011 should import the 7.1 binary format without any issues.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 3449EAE7
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