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Full Scale Graf Zeppelin Model

The 3D Graf Zeppelin model for Poser and DAZ Studio, is accurately scaled to the real thing, surprisingly it will not bog down Poser or DAZ Studio. Perfect for any historical scene or render. The door, rear rudders and propellers have movements. There are 2 textures (one with words on the model and one without). There is also a texture template included in the textures folder. This model took 10 hours to model and texture.

New York Hot Dog Cart Prop

The New York hot do cart Poser / DAZ Studio prop has morphs for all of the doors and lids. The wheels can be made to spin and the front wheels are parented to the front wheel holders so the may be turned as well if needed.

Goodyear Blimp Model

The 3D Poser / DAZ Studio Goodyear blimp model has movements for the rudders, engines, door and steering. There is also a no-logo texture for the main blimp area as well. Ready to go into any 3D scene, render or animation.

Vintage Pram

A Vintage pram with turning wheels, moveable quilt and pillow. The quilt has a morph for a baby.

Apache Attack Helicopter Prop

The 3D Apache Helicopter Poser / DAZ Studio prop has many movements and morphs. The joystick moves, the windows open, the rotors turn and the front sensors and machine gun turn. Includes textures with BUMP maps. Perfect for any war or conflict scene.

Outboard Motor Boat Model

The 3D outboard motor boat for Poser and DAZ Studio has well detailed textures and movements for the engine, front seats, throttle and steering wheel. This model took 28 hours to model and texture.