This category contains Poser 3D household and housewares models that work seamlessly in Smith Micro Poser software versions 6 through 11, all versions of Poser Pro 3D software, and all versions of DAZ Studio 3D software. Buy 3D household and housewares models for Poser software and DAZ Studio 3D software.

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Trash Can and Trash Bag Models

The 3D trash can and trash bag models, contains a new and rusty can with handle movements and lids that open. There is a close and open trash bag. We have many small items that could be used with the open bag on our models download pages. These models took 5 hours to model and texture.

Poseable coffee machine


Large and Carry On Suitcase Models

The 3D suitcase models for Poser and DAZ Studio has movements for the handle and wheels on the large suitcase. These models took 4 hours to model and texture.

Dreadnought Guitar

A highly detailed Dreadnought acoustic guitar model for Poser DAZ Studio. This model took 12 hours to make.

Morphing Beer Mug Prop

The 3D morphing beer much Poser and DAZ Studio prop has morphs to change the liquid and foam levels, the foam can also be removed as it is separate from the liquid.

Morphing Water Bottle Prop

The morphing water bottle Poser / DAZ studio prop has a morph to change the water level from full to almost empty. The bottle texture can be recolored and different text added.


A fully poseable set of brass scales. This model took 7 hours to create.

Vintage Glass Milk Bottles and Carrier Food Props

The vintage glass milk bottles and carrier Poser and DAZ studio food props have morphs to change the milk level in each bottle. The bottles are independent of the carrier and other bottles. The caps can also be removed.

Victorian Era Travel Trunk Model with Morph

The 3D Victorian travel trunk for Poser & DAZ Studio has a morph to open the lid. Also includes a BUMP texture map (not included by default). This model took 9 hours to model and texture (lots of small details).

Morphing Brown Paper Lunch Bag

The morphing brown paper bag Poser / DAZ studio prop has a morph to close and fold the paper bag.

Feather Duster Model

The 3D feather duster Poser / DAZ Studio model / prop is ready to go into any indoor or home scene or render.

Posable Vacuum cleaner

With 2 cable props