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Body Bag

A Body bag with clear or black MAT files, it has 3 opening morphs, a flatten base morph and a flatten over feet morph.

Civil War Crutch Models

The 3D Civil War crutch models can be moved independently and have well detail wood textures and includes BUMP maps (BUMPs not applied by default). This is a Poser World member requested item. These medical models are ready to go into any historic era scene or render.

Digital Blood Pressure Machine Medical Prop

The digital blood pressure machine Poser / DAZ Studio medical prop has morphs for the cuff and tube to move them up and away from the main blood pressure device. Perfect for any medical or doctor scene.

Heart Defibrillator Medical Device Model

The 3D heart defibrillator for Poser and DAZ Studio have movement morphs for the paddles. This is a Poser World member requested item and took 4 hours to model and texture.

Morphing Band-aid Model

The 3D morphing band-aid model for Poser and DAZ studio has a morph to help wrap the bandage around body parts.

Otoscope Medical Prop

The Otoscope Poser / DAZ Studio medical prop is a device that the doctor uses to peer into your ears and nose. You can actually see through the device much like a physician would. Ready to go into any Doctor or medical scene.