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Pegasus Kite Toy Model with Flying Morph

The 3D toy kite model for Poser and DAZ Studio has a Pegasus emblem on it and the kite / string has a morph to allow the kit to gain altitude (flying morph). This was a Poser World member requested model and took 16 hours to model and texture.

Swegway Board Model for Poser Figures

The 3D swegway board toy model for Poser and DAZ studio can be used with any Poser / DAZ 3D / Hivewire 3D or other human figure. The wheels are parented to the main board and have spin movements. THe color of the board can be easily changed.

Big Wheel Toy Model with Movements - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

The 3D big wheel toy model for Poser / DAZ and other 3D Poser figures is in Poser / DAZ studio format. It is already scaled for the Poser Ben child figure. The foot pedals are parented to the front wheel and have movements to turn them on the pedal shafts (works also when wheel is spun), the front wheel is parented to the handle bars and spins as well as turns when the handle bars are turned. The back wheels are parented to the frame and can be spun independently of each other. All movements are marked on the dials. The colors can be easily changed to suit your needs.

Toy BB Gun Model with Movements - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

The 3D kid's BB Gun toy model has movements set to pull the trigger and cock the handle.

M4 Beard for Poser and DAZ Studio

A beard and mustache conforming figure for DAZ3D Michael 4 (M4) in Poser Runtime and DAZ Studio DIM installation formats with 8 beard and 15 mustache types presets and in 6 material hair colors. High resoloution textures and exportable, morphable quad poly mesh hair (not fiber hair) optimized for 3d media and game use. 135mb download. Packaged as DAZ DIM zip file for DAZ Installation Manager auto installation however manually extracted the Poser Runtime in content/runtime folder. Refer to Full Description below for all features and installation methods.