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Conforming Goth Outfit for Dawn

The conforming 3D Goth style outfit for Hivewire 3D Dawn contains a laced corset, "cheeky" shorts, and stacked knee high boots. This is a conforming clothes model. This clothing model took 15 hours to model.

Handy Dynamic Dress for Dawn

Handy Dress for Dawn is a classic style dress ready to be worn in the day or evening, for work or for pleasure.

Vintage Dress for Dawn

The 3D vintage dress model for Hivewire 3D Dawn is a vintage cut and fabric texture. This dress is conforming with movement morphs for the skirt portion, can be used in the cloth room as a hybrid.

1950's Style Belted Dress for Dawn

The Poser 3D 1950's polka dot belted dress for Hivewire 3D Dawn is a dynamic clothes model. This model took two hours to model and texture.

Detroit for Dawn

Detroit for Dawn contains a shirt with morphs, a pair of trousers with morphs and a pair of boots. The shirt is packed with morphs to open it from the top, bottom, fully or the sides and it has separate materials on the seams so you can give it that flimsy opaque look. The shirt will fit over the Dawn Poser World bikini. The pants have morphs to fit them over the Dawn Poser World trainers.

Sophie Dynamic Clothing Set for Dawn

Dawn gets a pair of leggings, a pair of pedal pushers and a shirt packed full of morphs, the leggings have 3 textures and the shirt has 4.  This set took 25 hours to model and texture.

Classic Dress for Dawn

Dawn gets a brand new version of the old classic dress, the dress is packed full of posing morphs and can also be used in the cloth room as a hybrid. It comes with the 3 textures shown here. This version is Poser only. This model took 25 hours to complete.

Single Strap Dynamic dress for Dawn

Dawn gets a single strap evening dress, this dress is Dynamic so only suitable for Poser.
This model took 8 hours to make.

Flip Flops Footwear for Dawn

A pair or nicely textured flip flops shoe models for dawn. This model is an Poser World Ultra member requested item. This model took one hour to model and texture.

Croc Style Shoes for Dawn

The croc style shoes for Dawn are perfect for casual dress or even outdoors activities. This model took 3 hours to model and texture.

Dynamic Sweater and Slacks Outfit for Dawn

The 3D slacks and sweater clothing models for the Hivewire 3D Dawn figure are dynamic. The pants have a constrained area set on them and the recommended collision offset is .2. This clothing model set took 5 hours to model and texture.

Alina dynamic dress for Dawn

Dawn gets a dynamic dress suitable for all occasions.

Trainers-Sports shoes for Dawn

A pair of sporty shoes for Dawn.

These took 3 hours to create.


Vienna Ball Gown for Dawn

Dawn gets an elegant ball gown, the dress has black and white textures with MAT files to change the texture. If you already have the Victoria 4 dress installed you won't need the MAT files or textures but if you don't have them please download from both links below. Important: This item requires a separate texture map file download that will be automatically added to your cart at no additional charge, please unzip all product download files to the same runtime.

Ogg boots for Dawn

Dawn gets a version of our Ogg boots.

Dynamic Blue Jeans Jacket for Dawn

The 3D blue jeans jacket is a dynamic clothes item for the Hivewire 3D Dawn Poser figure. The jacket has 2 morphs, these must be applied before starting your cloth simulation, to simulate the jacket closed images the morphs are applied then add constrained group on the area that should stay together.

Square Toe Sandals for Dawn

Dawn gets a highly detailed pair of Square Toe Sandals, these have multiple material zones and come with 4 Material files to change the look quickly. They also come with a feet pose file.
This model took 14 hours to complete

Bikini for Dawn

Dawn gets a bikini that can also be used as underwear, the item has two clothing files so you can use them together or separate.