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Complete Court Room Scene

The complete court room scene has everything you need to set up court in Poser. The set has doors and gates that oopen and close. The scene has been modularized so that you can add only items you want. Includes water pitchers, glasses, gavel and docket, a flag and pole and everything else you see in the previews. ThHe flag can get changed (texture) to suit your needs. The complete scene is only a 15.1 MB download.

U.N. Council Chambers Scene

The 3D Poser / DAZ Studio U.N. Council Chamber scene is ready to go. The chairs around the circular table can be moved individually and there is an extra chair model that can be used to add seating.

Hut 4

A re-creation of Hut 4 at Bletchley Park, Decrypted Enigma messages were sent there from Hut 8 to be translated and forwarded to the Naval Intelligence Division at the Admiralty.

The Playhouse

Take your figures to the theatre with our Playhouse scene.

Alnwick stairs

In the ancient market town of Alnwick you either live "within" or "without" and there used to be stairs taking you up to the castle walls so you could get to "Without" or back, the castle walls are long gone but a lot of the stairs are still their and this is a typical set, Cameras and Lights are included.

Barbershop-Retro style

This is a retro style barbershop scene, the set comes with everything you see in the image and all items load as shown, but everything is modular so you can arrange the items as you wish, the set also contains a single waiting chair, a right hand wall and a bottle of hair lotion.