Drink Vending Machine Model Poser Format

3D drink machine model in Poser 3D model format.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy

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Dynamic Blue Jeans Jacket for Hivewire3D Dawn

The 3D blue jeans jacket is a dynamic clothes item for the Hivewire 3D Dawn Poser figure. The jacket has 2 morphs, these must be applied before starting your cloth simulation, to simulate the jacket closed images the morphs are applied then add constrained group on the area that should stay together

Dynamic Plaid Pajamas for Hivewire3D Dawn

The 3D pajamas model for the Hivewire 3D Dawn figure are dynamic. The pants have a constrained area already set on them and the recommended collision offset is .2

Early 70's WPC Outfit for DAZ Victoria 4

An early 70's Woman Police Constable uniform for DAZ Victoria 4. The the set contains a hat, jacket, skirt ands shoes. The jacket has posing and style morphs such as no shirt, open hem etc and the skirt has posing morphs but can also be used in the cloth room as a hybrid. The sets has easy mapping so it can be used to create other uniforms.

Emerald and Diamond Necklace Model Poser Format

The 3D emerald and diamond jewelry necklace model in Poser 3D model format is already set and scaled for DAZ Victoria 4. You can scale it to fit any Poser or DAZ Studio figure.