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Dutch Clogs for DAZ Victoria 4

DAZ Victoria 4 gets a pair of conforming clogs. This model took 9 hours to complete.

Traditional Dutch Costume for DAZ Victoria 4

DAZ Victoria 4 gets a traditional​ Dutch costume, the zip contains a dress, apron, scarf and hat with hair. The costume is conforming and has posing morphs for the dress and apron, but can also be used as a hybrid in the cloth room. This model took 30 hours to create.

Metro for Multiple Figures - Poser G2F, Laura, DAZ 3D V3, and SP3

Metro for G2 Female contains a pair of pants with built in boots and a vest, the set comes with multiple textures and MATs as well as a zero feet pose. The texture zip must be downloaded as they are for all figures and it contains the read me file.

Lindsay Outfit for Akiko 3 - Poser / DAZ 3D ( A3 )

An outfit with morphing skirt and jacket for Akiko 3. Important: This item requires a separate texture map file download that will be automatically added to your cart at no additional charge, please unzip all product download files to the same runtime.

Black Flower Pattern for Lindsay Dress for Poser - Material Add-On Texture Set

The black and flower pattern is a real fabric photo texture set for Lindsay Dress for Poser. Requires Lindsay Outfit for Poser.

Black Flower Pattern for Lindsay Dress for Multiple Figures - Poser Laura, DAZ 3D A3, V1-3,and SP3

The black and flower pattern Lindsay Dress for Poser Laura, DAZ 3D Akiko3, Victoria 1-3,and Stephanie 3 with photo-real fabric textures.