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Easter Style Dress Textures for Victoria 4

The Easter Style Dress textures contain 6 print dresses for use with the Poser World Victoria 4 Summer Dress 07 set. With MATS.

Sexy Strapless Dress for Victoria 4

The sexy 3D dress clothes model for DAZ Victoria 4 is a dynamic dress. This clothing model took 5 hours to model and texture.

Sassy Cowgirl Outfit for Victoria 4

The 3D Sassy Cowgirl clothes outfit for DAZ Victoria 4 is a conforming clothing set that contains a vest, shorts, cowboy hat and cowboy boots. An "open a bit" and "open all" morphs are included. This set took 16 hours to model and texture.

Maid Service for Victoria 4

Maid Service for Victoria 4 is a, Trousers, Polo Shirt and Tabard set, the Tabard has multiple morphs to help pose it as well as open the pocket. The set could be used without the Tabard as a smart outfit. This model took 25 hours to create.

Hiking set for DAZ Victoria 4

DAZ Victoria 4 gets a set of hiking clothes, the zip contains a pair of boots, short and long leggings, a fleece, a vest and a cap. The fleece and vest have various opening morphs. The set also works well with the trainers

Fencing for DAZ Victoria 4

Victoria 4 gets a fencing set, the zip contains a Jacket, a pair of breeches with stockings and shoes and a mask as well as an Epee sword and a D ring as parented props.