Camping Scene Poser Format

The 3D camping scene for Poser and DAZ Studio includes a tent with and inner and outer shell and it opens. The scene also includes a floor/backdrop image.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy

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7 Piece Camping Models Bundle Poser Format

The 3D seven piece camping models bundle contains a concrete picnic table and pad, a camping chair, camp stove, camp lantern, a ice check with ice, a tent and sleeping bag model.

Read the readme files for instruction on the tent and sleeping bag.

The models included in this bundle are available individually in the store.
$41.79 $6.99

Antique Cola Cooler Model Poser Format

The 3D antique cola cooler model for Poser and DAZ Studio in Poser 3D model format, has lids that open and is perfect for any 50's or retro scene. Also include is a texture with no logos or brands on it.

Upscale Housewares Models Poser Format

A set of seven 3D housewares models in Poser 3D format for Poser and DAZ Studio software. Includes: painting, lamp, short vase, tall vase with stems, a wide tray, a metal holder and colored balls and a throw rug model.

Vintage and Classic Dress for DAZ Victoria 4

The vintage and classic dress for the DAZ 3D Victoria 4 figure is an elegant dress and scarf from a bygone era, the dress is conforming and packed with posing morphs but can also be used in the cloth room as a hybrid (instructions included).

The background image is included. As well as the posing morphs the dress and scarf are packed with body Morphs and styling Morphs. The scarf contains all the body morphs as well as styling morphs and the dress includes the following morphs (see below image previews).