.45 Caliber Pistol With Silencer Models Poser Format

The 3D .45 caliber pistol models in Poser 3D model format includes a dark, a silver and a gold and silver "gangsta" pistol model. Includes silencers.
Manufacturer: PoserWorld Legacy
SKU: 5B7E4129

Whether you're looking for sleek spy style or subtlety in the hands of law enforcement, this set has what you need. With great attention to detail, this set fits easily into your model's hands, and also looks great in a holster. With optional silencer for added flexibility.

This set includes:

  • .45 Bullet
  • .45 Bullet Casing
  • Dark .45
  • Gangsta .45
  • Silver .45

.45 Caliber Pistol With Silencer Models Poser Format - QrCodeImage
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