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Complete 1890's Saloon Interior Scene - Poser / DAZ Format

The 3D 1890's complete saloon interior scene has the following: All of the walls and ceiling (and ceiling lamp fixtures) can be hidden individually. The walls, ceiling, bar, piano, spittoon and tables are all parented to the floor. The chairs around each table are parented to each table. The chair in front of the piano is parented to the piano. The ceiling lamp fixtures are parented to the ceiling. The cash register is parented to the bar and all keys, price flags and cash drawer are functional. You may duplicate the tables and chairs in the scene to add more of them to the scene. All items in the the scene may be move or rearranged as needed. Each wall has crown molding, wainscoting and floor trim.The entire scene took a total of 60 hours to model and texture.

Complete Court Room Scene

The complete court room scene has everything you need to set up court in Poser. The set has doors and gates that oopen and close. The scene has been modularized so that you can add only items you want. Includes water pitchers, glasses, gavel and docket, a flag and pole and everything else you see in the previews. ThHe flag can get changed (texture) to suit your needs. The complete scene is only a 15.1 MB download.

Complete Old West Town Street Scene (Number 1)

Every model in the Old West Town street scene (number 1) for Poser and DAZ Studio is parented to the ground scene. The buildings can be moved as needed and the hitching posts, spittoons, water trough and pump, piano etc. can be moved or removed as needed. This is a 140 megabyte download The 3D old west saloon scene has lower entrance doors that swing open. Included in the texture folder for the saloon is a desert photo that can be used as a background. The 3D old west church building model has doors that open and close. The interior is also textured. The well detailed textures also include BUMP and Displacement maps. The 3D Old West post office model has a door and lock that move. Perfect for any old western town or historical scene. The interior is textured as well. The undertakers building is a facade model.

Convenience Store and Parking Lot Scene

The 3D convenience store scene for Poser and DAZ Studio, is a very large Poser scene that allows for many camera angles. This scene is perfect for use with our Romero police car, and we also have a rolling trash dumpster, ATM machine,pay phone, and a movie vending machine that can be used with it. The 3D model scene took 45 hours to model and texture.

Corn Exchange

The Corn Exchange is an old unused Cinema in the Ancient market town of Alnwick.

Court or barn

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Cray Street Neighborhood for Poser

Cray street (named after the Blue's singer) a six house street set, we also have a single to download if you prefer to create your own, both are built to interlock so you can create streets as long as you want.

Curtain Scene

Included in this set is a 3 curtain backdrop with floor and an extra curtain so you can add to the scene.

Cyclorama pack March 2004

A pack of 12 Cyclorama textures ready loaded onto Cr2 files, you must have DAZ's Cyclorama to use these.

Daytime TV Talk Show Studio Set Scene

The 3D daytime television talk show studio set scene for Poser and DAZ Studio has a couch and coffee table parented to the main studio scene, they can be moved as needed. All but one of the textures are 4096 x 4096, if you have any issues with the textures you may resize them to 2048 x 2048. This model set took 18 hours to model and texture.

Desert scenes

2 scenes and a prop, A Oasis well, an Oasis scene and a desert scene with Bedouin tent.

Diner Booth

A Diner Booth scene, you can add extra booths to create as big a seating area as you wish.