1. Furniture > Hanging Rattan Chair

    The 3D hanging rattan chair model for Poser and DAZ Studio is a Poser World member suggested model. It's perfect for any indoor or outdoor scene. This model took 10 hours to model and texture.

    Created: 10/10/2015

  2. Housewares > House Key Models - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

    The 3D house key models for Poser and DAZ Studio are parented to the key ring and work well in nearly any scene that needs small personal item models in them.

    Created: 9/17/2015

  3. Sci-Fi > Sci-Fi Light Saber Model - FBX Format

    The 3D Sci fi light saber model is well detailed and contains 29,652 polygons and is in FBX 7.1 (2011 Binary) format. Note you may need to add or adjust the blade a lens glow in your 3D application.

    Created: 9/16/2015

  4. Sci-Fi > Sci-Fi Laser Light Saber Model - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

    The 3D Laser Light Saber Model for Poser and DAZ Studio is well detailed. The light blade is parented and can be made invisible or removed as needed.

    Created: 9/14/2015

  5. Furniture > Child Car Seat / Carrier - Poser and DAZ Studio Format

    The 3D child's car seat / carrier model for Poser and DAZ Studio has a movement set on the carry arm. The arm is parented to the main model. The safety straps can be hidden if needed. The straps are parented so they can be selected and scaled a bit for a bitter fit.

    Created: 9/13/2015

  6. Sci-Fi > Sci-Fi Personal Droid Model - FBX Format

    The 3D sci fi personal droid model contains 35,325 polygons and is in FBX 7.1 (2011 binary) format.

    Created: 9/10/2015

  7. Sci-Fi > Sci-Fi Personal "Droid" Bot Model with Movements - Poser / DAZ Studio Format

    The 3D sci fi personal droid bot model for Poser and DAZ studio includes a head and top camera movements to enhance poses. This model too 12 hours to model and texture.

    Created: 9/10/2015

We are excited to announce that beginning today, July 1, 2015 we have begun releasing 3D Models in FBX format along with our regular Poser / DAZ Studio model releases.

The FBX models are on a separate page from our Poser Models, and all FBX 3D models will have "FBX Format" on the post title to ensure there is no confusion between 3D formats.

The FBX models import seamlessly into Unity 3D, Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds max, Lightwave, Blender, Shade 3D, or any 3D application that supports FBX 7.1 2011 (Binary) format. We chose the FBX 7.1 2011 binary format to ensure all supported 3D applications can import the 3D models without issues.

The FBX models are licensed and may be used in 3D games, Video and in 3D printing as well as other applications.